Unique Features


Since safety of vehicles in the motorway will be of paramount importance, SMART Tunnel has additional features that are unique over and above the features seen in a normal motorway tunnel. The main features are:

  • Automated Flood Control Gates
  • Cross Passage
  • Ventilation/Escape Shafts
  • Radio Re-Broadcasting Services
  • Air Quality Monitoring Equipment (AQME)
  • SCADA Monitoring & Surveillance
  • Other Emergency Equipments
  • First Responder Vehicle (FRV)
  • Medical Response Vehicle (MRV)
  • Alam Flora Road Sweeper

1. Automated Flood Control Gates
The water tight gates are installed on either ends of the motorway tunnel (within the stormwater section). In addition similar single flood control steel gates are installed at both entrances and exits of the motorway tunnel. These gates are operated using a hydraulic system.

3 automated flood gates at both end of motorway
2 automated road gates at both end junction boxes

2. Cross Passage
Cross Passage between decks at 250m intervals: the passage acts as emergency exits during an emergency.

3. Ventilation/Escape Shafts
Ventilation/ escape shafts at 1km intervals. These powerful air ventilators will constantly renew the air and maintain the air quality within the motorway. To protect the ventilation system during the flooding, the system consists of a series of shafts each containing an exhaust and fresh air injector. This design enables the fans to be installed outside the SMART tunnel to create a longitudinal flow in the tunnel between the shafts that permits the air in the tunnel to be continuously renewed and the extraction of the exhaust fumes. The feature also allows for smoke control in the event of a fire.

4. Radio Re-Broadcasting Services
Radio re-broadcasting is an audio (sound) broadcasting service, traditionally broadcast through the air as radio waves (a form of electromagnetic radiation) from a transmitter to an antenna and finally to a receiving device. Stations can link in radio networks to broadcast common programming, either in syndication or simulcast or both. Audio broadcasting also can be done via cable FM, local wire networks, satellite and the Internet. With the radio re-broadcasting services available in Smart Tunnel, user should be able to receive the radio channel, hand phone and other maintenance communication reception without any interference.

5. Air Quality Monitoring Equipment (AQME)
There are 38 sets of AQME monitoring carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen monoxide (NO) and particulate. They are cited in the upper and lower decks. The ventilation system will be operated automatically based on the air quality monitoring system outputs. The ventilation will provide for the supply and extract of air for both the upper and lower road decks and consists of 4 nos. of ventilation shafts each containing 8 set of fans.

6. SCADA Monitoring & Surveillance
State-of-the-art SCADA monitoring and surveillance of SMART at its 24-hour SMART Highway. Smart Tunnel is equipped with more than 212 units of Closed Circuit Television and BARCO Wall is able to show 70 CCTVs screen at one time. Automatic detection systems use video images and laser beams processing to detect unusual events.

7. Other Emergency Equipments
Equipped with firefighting equipment, telephone and surveillance at 1 km interval. Hydrant & Fire Extinguishers located every 90m along slow lane of both tunnel road decks. Hose Reel, Fire Extinguishers, Break glass and Emergency Telephone located within each cross passages, ventilation shafts and escape shafts.

8. First Responder Vehicle (FRV)
Custom-Built Fire Engines for SMART Highway

The First Responder Vehicles are specially designed for accessibility into SMART Highway and equipped to perform necessary fire and rescue emergencies in the dual purpose tunnel. Manufactured in accordance with international standards of MS ISO 9001 for quality assurance and under the special requirements of the National Fire Protection Agency, the vehicles aim to assist the current SMART Highway’s Emergency Response Patrol team’s rescue operations.

The FRVs were customized to meet the sophisticated designs of the SMART Tunnel such as height limitations, tunnel maneuverability, special equipment housing, and is powered by an engine that produces minimal carbon emission in order to ensure safety in the tunnel is maintained throughout an emergency operation.

To further shorten the mobilization time from a Fire and Rescue Department to SMART Highway during an emergency, each vehicle will be parked at separate and specific locations to gain direct access into the upper or lower deck of the tunnel (Taman Desa and Jalan Hang Tuah Fire and Rescue Departments respectively).

The powerful 2.5 liter DOHC 4 x 4 vehicles with customization are the first of its kind, Malaysian fire engines that will be used solely for SMART Highway operations.

9. Medical Response Vehicle (MRV)
Custom-Built Ambulance for SMART Highway

MRV is a custom made vehicle which is capable in giving the first reponder services or further emergency treatment. The advantage of the MRV is it can transport the medical team or the Emergency Medical Specialist to the scene area. The MRV can be used on the wet, skidded and limited eye vision and also at the off road situation. For urban situation or metropolitan condition, MRV is capable to use the road curbs in reaching the incident area.

MRV is a heavy-duty load carrying chassis and it can be used for on and off road situation for example in the SMART Tunnel, flood condition or off road. It is fully equipped with medical respondent equipment based on what needed. MRV can carry 6 persons at one time including the medical equipment. Come with a powerful engine to cater during the hardcore situation. Provided with the various patience seating configuration based on treatment needs, MRV are also able to carry the listed medical equipment such as:

  • Emergency Medical and Trauma Bag
  • Emergency Drugs
  • Emergency Airways Management
  • Immobilization Set
  • Automated External Defibrillator
  • Triage Card
  • Other equipments carried along to safe guard the incident area include emergency cone and etc.

10. Alam Flora Road Sweeper
Alam Flora Road Sweeper is a vehicle which is capable of handling operations for SMART Tunnel cleanliness. SMART has outsourced the service to Alam Flora which has developed road sweepers specially for SMART Tunnel. The cleaning operations are done at night with minimum disruption to traffic flow. The Road Sweeper has a hopper capacity of +/- 5.0cu.m. It has a water tank and would be able to carry around 1000 liters per session. The sweeper has a suction capability via the vacuum type “true flow” air system using a fan blower output of +/- 450m3 per minute. Fitted with a dual sweep brooms on the left and right sides of the vehicle, the speed is variable and the pressure of the brooms can be controlled. The dimension of the main broom is 1500mm in length and 400mm in diameter while the gutter broom measures around 500mm in diameter.